Day of Renewal

Day of Renewal (DoR)

Our Day of Renewal is held twice a year, typically early in the year and mid-summer. The purpose of Day of Renewal is to restore spiritual value in our relationships in the company of valued and trusted brothers.

For example, during the Saturday DoR in January, 2018, we followed the value that we have experienced in 10 or more DoRs that we have presented – We practiced …just being in the company of men who are committed to their own mission while focusing on being present and listened to made a huge difference. DoR is intended to provide facilitation training and challenging men to broaden their missions of service.

Our July, 2018, DoR called “Road to Dilemma Resolution,” which is practiced on the P2SW Weekend was then further elaborated on. What was taught was that we came to realize that we do not need to cave in to old cravings for attachment and foster excuses for how we behave. None of us are alone. We’ve all suffered some loss of love and spent much of our lifetime trying to figure out how to get love back. Some of the greatest contributions in our world have come from people who have suffered the most.

We recommended at DOR to follow the SAFT model or correspondingly the O’Ponopono model of “I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you!” All of us need to accept reality, own our errors in our ways, come to grips with these actions, forgive others for their not knowing and then move through and on to be “thankful.” Seems almost too simple.

But Spirit really knows no other passageway than to “love thy neighbor.” Some DoR attendees mentioned only being in touch with Spirit through meditation or even prayer. And all the while, Spirit is hanging out there in our midst just waiting for us to be present.

The large group of DoR attendees got gifts from the formal part of the program and most importantly re-engaged with men that they respected and cared for.

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