May 15-17, 2020 Weekend


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    May 17, 2020 12:30 To

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    Camp Lakota 2050 Deep Cut Rd. Woodstock IL 60098

May 15-17, 2020 Weekend

Looking forward to the May Weekend…

As you may be contemplating attending the P2SW training in May, consider that SPIRIT and WARRIOR are not diametrically opposing concepts. They complement each other. SPIRIT has a more ubiquitous, over-encompassing nature. And WARRIOR is the dynamic instrument to implement SPIRIT.? SPIRIT moves us to allow the WARRIOR to take action.

The warrior, however, without spirit can be delivered in an indiscriminate manner that devolves into SHADOW. And spirit without warrior can flounder in a passively hopeful realm without due diligence or directionality. Spirit is the ?true north.?

We have discovered the dynamic of spirit-warrior to be an enlightened partnership particularly in dealing with inter-personal conflict. Often just being in the warrior state of mind causes one to be embroiled in inter-personal conflict as a means of extolling/exploiting their own warrior charisma. It becomes easy to become triggered and hyper-enthused to ?fix? things interpersonally. You might possibly relate it to the present warrior-like trust of our President.

Before taking on the complete task of being a spirit-warrior, we need to examine our lives in the context of being a PILGRIM.?David Whyte in Consolidations mentions,

?Most of all, a pilgrim is someone abroad in a world of impending revelation where something is about to happen, including most fearfully, and as part of their eventual arrival, their own disappearance?It might be that faith, reliability, responsibility and being true to something unspeakable are possible?and that we are made better, more faithful companions…by combining the precious memory of the then with the astonishing, but taken for granted experience of the now, and both with the unbelievable, and hardly possible just about to happen.?

Once we can ?disappear? into SPIRIT as a pilgrim, we can begin the journey to be on a path of greater empathy, deeper listening and acceptance of self and other come forth. Accountability, the initial warrior lesson, becomes an integral partnership with Spirit. Carrying assumptions about other?s shadowy-stuff becomes less important. And finding a means of creating a foundation for mutual love becomes the primary spiritual-warrior journey.

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