August 26-28, 2022 Weekend

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    August 28, 2022 To

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    Camp Ronora 9325 Dwight Boyer Rd, Watervliet, MI 49098

August 26-28, 2022 Weekend

Benefits of a Weekend Retreat

We are all experiencing immense informational challenges. Because of social media and easy access to any information on our cell phones, we are choosing to be drawn to immediacy in our attention-span. Our lives are segmented into small bites of commitment where we long for some restful relief from the grind.

The moment that you enter the space of P2SW, you will enter another world of dedicated men committed to serve you on your path to spirit. What can be accomplished on a retreat weekend is incomparable. It is a year’s therapy in one weekend.

We see it all the time. Check out the testimonials in the right-hand column. Men learn from the hard-knocks of life to find new strategies buoyed through embracing their spiritual nature. “First-time” breakthroughs happen all over the place.

How do these transformations happen? Well, it took making a commitment to taking one weekend out of their life to challenge their deepest fears and dilemmas. It took pushing through the resistance to accept spiritual presence** in their lives.

We understand the dilemma of giving up a weekend. We do it 4 times a year and love every minute of it.

** Presence   Our connection to Spirit lies within the embedded human polarity that dominates our consciousness. It is through Spirit that we are connected with the universe and one another. Being in the moment and experiencing oneself is called “presence.” Presence is the ultimate victory of a Spirit Warrior to be fully present in Spirit and committed to deliver one’s mission through connecting with another’s Spirit. “Presence” requires one to process how we regress to our “pain-body” experience. Much like taking a “mission” statement, we take on a pledge – “I am no longer___, in Spirit I am___.”

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