May 19-21, 2023 Weekend Newsletter Edition

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May 19-21, 2023 Weekend Newsletter Edition

Leader, Director Profile – David Lindgren

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David Lindgren grew up on a farm in Orion, IL. He attended Orion High School and excelled in several sports, leading to a football scholarship to Bradley University. David played quarterback at Bradley for a year before moving to Monmouth College to continue his athletic and academic career. He achieved his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Biology in 1965. He continued his training and education at Northern Illinois University, receiving a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology by defending a dissertation titled “Higher Order Avoidance Conditioning,” which sought to determine just how connected conditioned stimuli were too traumatic situations. He continued training at Northwestern University’s Family Institute and received a marriage, family therapy, and counseling certificate.

David has held many clinical psychologist and therapist positions in the US and Canada. He served as a consultant in special education programs, was director of a mental health program for children, was a therapist for Family Services, developed a high school mentoring program, and was a consultant to many businesses focusing on changes to operational procedures to maximize company success. David has been a practicing psychotherapist for nearly 50 years and still counsels ten or more clients every week. He is presently married to Sushu and is the proud father of two children (both physicians, Leslie – OB/GYN and Peter – Pediatrician) from a previous marriage; and has four enterprising grandchildren living in California and Utah. David has been an Evanston, IL, resident for several years and now lives in Glenview.

David co-founded the ManKind Project (MKP) in 1987 and helped create the first MKP center in Chicago, which increased to over 2500 participants in 8 years. David was responsible for program development, financing, fundraising, and training. Seeing the need for deeper spiritual work, David jointly started the Path to Spirit Warrior training in 1995 to address dilemma resolution through deep work “on the carpet,” dedicating 90 minutes to 2 hours for resolution with each participant. The primary focus was on self-development and then relationship issues. The training sought to learn how to surrender and let go, to not just obsess about the wounding but to fix the wounds and establish psychological healing. David’s goal in weekend training was to establish trust with the men, retrace steps that led to wounding and allow recovery from the inside out.

David wants the Spirit brothers to be heroic and gracious leaders in their family and community, be an example to others, and be committed to positive spiritual growth to impact the world. He intends for men to become autonomous to enhance and clean up their lives. He’s maintained P2SW leadership and direction for many years and is eyeing a transition from quarterbacking the team to coaching it. We applaud and appreciate his outstanding and tireless leadership and hope he will continue to be central to P2SW for many years to come.

We hope you enjoyed this P2SW Post-Training Newsletter.

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