October 13-15, 2023 Weekend

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October 13-15, 2023 Weekend

Strike While the Iron is ??

We have contemplated when men choose to attend the Path to Spirit-Warrior Training. Enrolling in the NWTA seems more obvious. Usually, there is an impending “need” for NWTA,  something is vaguely missing in one’s life and there is a fair amount of personal suffering to consider. Most P2SW graduates have been there, and it seemed like “the iron was hot.” The next step then in enrolling at the NWTA becomes more automatic.

So when is the “iron hot” for P2SW?
To spell this out:  The intention of the organizing body of presenting the NWTA, proposed a second training that focused on the “spiritual warrior.” That projection eventually manifested in our Path to Spirit-Warrior training. And much of the motivation for P2SW emanated from two main sources: “What are we called to Be?” and “Where does mission come from?”

So the “iron can be hot” when we lose track of our path in life. Our struggle for survival overrides our search for meaning. We often forget what our stated “mission” was at NWTA. We end up frustrated trying to fix other people when they don’t want to cooperate. We become lost in relationships when we lose our way in those relationships. We get into blaming, defending, attacking, or withdrawing from others when those strategies now never seem to work. We either never had, or have lost our “spiritual” way.

Do any of these factors speak to you?
The likelihood is that the NWTA and resultant Integration Groups shook up your system enough to help you see your truth. You felt empowered and enlivened to pursue success in your life. But sometimes our progress invested in old and proven methods can peter-out.
That is, we need a new vision, particularly in finding “our spirit within” and sorting out how our manner further complicates relationships.

We notice that most of our displeasure in life comes from strategies that developed early in life. These strategies are hard-wired and not directly fixable. Instead, new strategies are needed. So where and how do they come to us?

This is where we begin and continue Anchorat P2SW – finding our spiritual path instead of relying on what our human self wants. Our only dictum:

“We are Spiritual Beings having a Human Life.”
How do we do that? Come and find out.

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