Why a P2SW Weekend?

Why a Path to Spirit Weekend?

Here’s why we continue this work:

  1. Men are losing a sense of purpose or mission
  2. Men need to take leadership in their own lives
  3. More than ever, men need to honor their mature masculine
  4. There’s a trail of “innocence” in men
  5. Men need to learn how to be better “listeners”
  6. Men are getting lost in emotional and political extremes

P2SW was constructed to attract men who had completed the New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA) and apply Spirit into their life missions. Over time, we have determined that men who have experienced their own personal growth through therapy, coaching, group work and/or participating in most types of retreats could also truly benefit from our Path to Spirit-Warrior Training.

Life seems to be picking up more and more speed. And in fact, as we age, time goes by faster and faster. In this fast-paced world, we need to mindfully harness our personal intention, purpose and direction in and for this lifetime.

To be successful in life by being good partners, fathers, lovers and in careers, men need to be committed at a deeper, more spiritual level that goes beyond learning to grow into mature masculinity.

Individuals who choose to attend our P2SW training respond to their “call.” They allow what has been there all along waiting for them to surrender and accept their Gifts and find their “mission” in what they are “called to be.” And when that happens, we are experiencing ourselves as On-Mission.

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