Why a Path to Spirit-Warrior Weekend?

  • Better Relationships

    Spirit is revealed in the relationships that are intrinsic in our lives. Spirit moves with us in a dynamic manner, often outside our conscious awareness. P2SW focuses on consciously embracing Spirit and honoring our relationships. We become more aware of both our Burdens and their "triggers" showiing up in our relationships. Much of the "practice" of P2SW attends to improving and deepening our relationships through Gratitude and Forgiveness. Our new awareness, and the energizing movement and action it inspires, positively affect both our personal lives and the greater world at large.

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  • S.A.F.T.

    Each day we are reminded of the need to Surrender our egos, to accept the truth that lies within u, to Forgive ourselves and others for past transgressions, and to live every day with Thankfulness and Gratitude. S.A.F.T. becomes the guiding principle for being an effective Spirit Warrior, and Gratitude becomes the cosmic "thank you," allowing us to welcome the wealth of ongoing gifts from, of, and through Spirit.

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  • Our Life's Mission

    We are each blessed with a unique set of Gifts. As we respond to the immediate demands of daily life, these gifts are often hidden and undeveloped. One means of integrating and manifesting our gifts is through a personal Mission Statement. Consciously living out of our personal mission on a daily basis gives us the clarity and power to effect change and positive outcomes for ourselves, our relationships, and the greater world at large. Mission draws on service to others as its highest motivation.

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Our Leader Team

  • tim



    Facilitator at Path to Spirit-Warrior (P2SW). Tim Goldich. Tim has been a long-standing MKP-Chicago board member. Tim did his NWTA...

  • steve



    Facilitator at Path to Spirit-Warrior (P2SW). Steven Chervony. Steven has experienced various roads less traveled. After leaving a short stint...

  • david



    Director of Path to Spirit-Warrior (P2SW) David Lindgren. David is a practicing psychotherapist for 42 years. He is a Co-founder...

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