Being On-Mission


Being On-Mission

The Buddha once said –

This existence of ours is as transient as autumn clouds.
To watch the birth and death of beings is like
looking at the movements of a dance.
A lifetime is like a flash of lightning in the sky.
Rushing by like a torrent down a steep mountain.

While we spend the first half of our lives rushing to achieve and to overcome the forces that seemingly hold us back, ultimately we need to see ourselves in this lifetime as part of a greater plan. In that regard, Deepak Chopra shares, “We are spiritual beings that have taken manifestation in physical form.  We are not human beings that have occasional spiritual experiences. It’s the other way around:  We’re spiritual beings that have occasional human experiences.”

And yet, this flash of lightening life seems to be picking up more and more speed.  And in fact, as we age, time goes by faster and faster. In this fast-paced world, we need to harness our personal purpose and direction in this life time.

So if we are Spiritual Beings living a human experience, how can we manifest the gifts and genius that the “universal mind” has bestowed on us?  This is not easy!  There is also the pull towards creating a mission in life that is goal oriented and man-made in fulfilling a more secular, humanistic direction. And unfortunately, this can often lead to serving a stronger Ego and neglects what Chopra refers to above.

The more that Path to Spirit-Warrior Training (P2SW) evolved, the more it became clear that our mission/purpose in life emanates out of a Higher Calling. The question became, “What is Spirit calling me to be?” And from this question there comes the discovery of each person’s unique “Gifts.”

One’s “Gifts” are often determined by some challenge to them early in life.  Going through early loss or trauma can catalyze one’s Gifts into a pattern of strength that sustains the individual. For example, one can imagine the Gifts that a President of the United States has in order to perform the duties of office. Yet it has been reported that 1/3 of the Presidents lost a father to death before they reached the age of two.  Many of men who have taken our training were tested early on in losing a parent or being traumatized in some way. Perhaps Presidents found their Gift as a response to loss. Normally, we would conclude that early loss or trauma would hinder one’s development. But we know that many outstanding performers in life came from amazingly painful early starts in their lives.

Once space is cleared for Spirit to be present in a person’s review of their life, the insight is clear in identifying a Mission that all the persistent “trying” and compulsive effort to “get ahead” exists only to serve earlier strategies that took us out of spiritual awareness. Spirit was present all along and the person’s Gifts became apparent when their life seemed like a “peak performance.” These are times when all of our efforts just seemed to flow and create the results we want.  Those peak performance moments could be titrated down to the singular Gift from Spirit that sparked “making a difference in the world.”  And if one captures the essence of that Gift(s), then that one singular Gift response can magnify into a greater “callings” to make a difference.

And this insight contrasts with efforts to overcome oneself to make a difference. We actually don’t have to overcome ourselves to make a difference in the world. An example of all this was illustrated by a man who shared his now previous mission statement of, “I am in the here and now by accepting myself for who I am and accepting you for who you are.”  Sounds good doesn’t it? Yet, the problem was that in real life he did not accept himself. In his whole life he had been deferring his energy to giving in and pleasing others. That mission statement wasn’t working. He somehow acquired this mission statement as a successful strategy in overcoming being “in his head” and needing to analyze every situation so that he wasn’t rejected. His life was seen as protecting himself from being hurt AGAIN. This did not define his Mission.

When it was determined by the man that he is here on this planet to live passionately and when he does, it makes a difference, his mission statement changed. Presently, he revised it to, “I am devoted to live passionately for myself and others by creating win-win relationships.” In embracing this mission statement, he became more aware of his undying devotion to truth – “devoted to live passionately” and his present efforts to be part of a larger win-win in the universe.

Individuals who choose to attend our P2SW training respond to their “call.”  They allow what has been there all along waiting for them to surrender and accept their Gifts and find their “mission” in what they are “called to be.”  And when that happens, we are experiencing ourselves as On-Mission.  Each new day is an opportunity for Being On-Mission and embracing one’s Gifts to make a difference in the world whether it be small or huge.

David Lindgren
Path to Spirit-Warrior

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