Author: David Lindgren

  • the-infectious-cure

    The Infectious Cure

    What is called a present pandemic is moving quickly into some apocalyptic breakdown outside of the home. Yet, in our homes, as we cozy up to “social isolation,” there can be great opportunities in affirming our relationships. The circle of our relationships can get tighter, and although we are warned

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  • a-mountain-or-a-mole-hill

    A Mountain or a Mole Hill?

    The Dilemmas that we experience on a daily basis vary from deep Dilemmas fueled by a principal Burden that gets in our way to ordinary linear decisions that we are challenged to reach.

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  • surrendering-to-a-higher-calling

    Surrendering to a Higher Calling

    The true question is, “What is calling you to Be?” The process is not “over-coming” these negative emotions but surrendering to them by realizing that they likely happened in the past and have little relative importance in our lives NOW. We call the strategies to overcome negative emotions “Burdens.”

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  • the-pursuit-of-fear

    The Pursuit of Fear

    In listening to many men, they share “feelings” when they gather as a group. Often, the “feeling” that comes up is fear. Men will ruminate around how they are responding to their fear.  The discussion then proceeds to the justification of the existence of how fear is standing in their

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  • lonely-or-loony

    Lonely or Loony?

    Are you experiencing “loneliness,” feeling a disconnection and emotionally alone? That probably includes all of us to some extent. Half of America’s population feels lonely, and young people in their late teens are the hardest hit, according to a landmark new survey of 20,000 people. The report, from health insurer

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  • 12-pillars-of-a-path-to-spirit-warrior

    12 Pillars of a Path to Spirit-Warrior

    12 PILLARS of the SPIRIT WARRIOR 1. Recognizing ones’ own Essence or Presence 2. Emotional Pain-Body 3. Developing Burdens 4. Mirroring Parental Dialogue 5. Challenging Daily Dilemmas: Regress or Grow 6. Finding the Gold in our Burdens 7. Developing Determination 8. Evolving the 4-Chambers of the Heart (the horizontal axis)

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  • the-first-3-pillars-of-the-p2sw-training

    The First 3 Pillars of the P2SW Training

    The Path to Spirit-Warrior Training – The Mission of P2SW is “To guide ourselves and others to authentically surrender and accept their Spiritual Calling in their relationships and courageously to be of service to mankind.” P2SW proposes 12 basic Pillars to the work. Here are the first three… Presence Our

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  • being-on-dilemma

    Being On-Dilemma

    Most of us would like to believe that decisions in life are made on a simple, linear basis. There is a problem, and there is a solution to that problem, yes? If it were that simple, why do we often feel anxious or depressed? Here is one reason: In moment-to-moment

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  • being-on-mission

    Being On-Mission

    The Buddha once said – This existence of ours is as transient as autumn clouds. To watch the birth and death of beings is like looking at the movements of a dance. A lifetime is like a flash of lightning in the sky. Rushing by like a torrent down a

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