Surrendering to a Higher Calling


Surrendering to a Higher Calling

The inclination of figuring out the basis of our long standing feelings merely keeps us in the same orbit that we are trying to get out of. We have stored up methods of dealing with unresolved feelings for years. These methods worked at some point in time. Problem is – time changes all things. We need to “let go” and adapt to our ever evolving movement through life. Trying to ?fix? our negative emotional problems only maintains the attention on them and that takes away from embracing our higher spiritual calling.

We speak at P2SW of at first “surrendering” our hold on the old ways of being and letting go of the strategies that worked at some earlier point in time. We typically find esoteric ways of “beating a dead horse” in trying to correct the past that infiltrates our present state of being. The negative feelings of anger/hate, sadness/grief, shame/toxic shame, guilt/self-hate and fear/terror need to be relegated to our past experiences.

The question is, “What can take their place?” David Hawkins? book, Letting Go: The Pathway to Surrender, comprehensively addresses this question.  He posits a hierarchy of emotions starting in a lower frequency range of energy to a higher range of energy with the “feelings” at the top of the Higher Self as Love, Joy and Peace which is the highest. He believes that allowing these higher frequency feelings to be brought forth can replace the lower level negative feelings. Certainly, there can easily be skepticism at the seeming naiveté of such a proposal. He also posits that it takes “courage” to encounter these lower negative emotions, such as from the energetic bottom up – Shame, Guilt, Grief, Fear, Desire, Anger and Pride.

The true question is, “What is calling you to Be?” The process is not “over-coming” these negative emotions but surrendering to them by realizing that they likely happened in the past and have little relative importance in our lives NOW. We call the strategies to overcome negative emotions “Burdens.” The strategies that we learned earlier in life are no longer relevant and become a Burden to our way of Being.

By embracing Peace, Joy and Love with courage in your life, new ways of being or in effect ?new strategies? for living come forth. It can come in a torrent of insight and understanding or gradually taking hold.

The evolving question needs to be, “What am I called to be in this day?” The planets shift. The weather changes. Our emotional lives are in flux. What can be a beacon of control? There is always change. You don’t necessarily need to study religion or humanity to get it, although it surely will help.

The question today is, “Do I want to focus on overcoming my negative emotions, or commit to loving myself and others and committing to peace within myself and on earth?”

(Thanks to David Hawkins work)

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