The Journey Home


The Journey Home

I decided to write this brief meditation after reading a Parabola Journal dedicated to “The Journey Home.” I’ve been reflecting on journeys home I’ve experienced and continue to experience. There are physical journeys like going back to neighborhoods where I grew up, where I spent most of my married life, and all the memories and feelings that arise. There are passing memories and feelings that arise at any time from a random association or just spontaneously. Each of these is like a journey home. While I still arrive occasionally with feelings of anger or sadness or loss, wishing the situation had been other than it was, or that I had acted differently, mostly I arrive with feelings of gratitude and blessing. I did my best with the resources I had. Others did their best with what they had. With each homecoming and reframing there is some gift of wisdom and understanding to be manifested. Now my dream life is mirroring my waking attitude toward life. I recently had the most satisfying closure with my high school girlfriend through a succession of dreams. And of course, with my amazing new wife Linda there’s such a strong feeling of coming home!

For me, Path to Spirit Warrior (P2SW) has been a powerful “Coming Home Catalyst.” First, it provided a loving, non-judgmental space where I became more aware of my life (past and present) and the burdens I took on along the way, and where I was privileged to witness and share the life journeys of other men. In witnessing, accepting and blessing my life just the way it was and is, and in being witnessed and affirmed by a community of men, I was able to let go of much of the emotional baggage I had been carrying. I feel lighter. I have more energy. It’s not like I look at the world through rose colored glasses – there’s so much in this world that needs to change! But now more than ever I look for ways to contribute, to be of service, and to effect positive change. In living this way, I’ve experienced a growing energy, momentum, and joy for life. I’m grateful for each and every opportunity to come home.

Dan Drennan
(Firebird Risen, Golden Eagle Above)

Note: Bruce Springsteen’s Broadway performance (now on Netflix) is such a beautiful, moving expression of his coming home!

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