The First 3 Pillars of the P2SW Training


The First 3 Pillars of the P2SW Training

The Path to Spirit-Warrior Training – The Mission of P2SW is  “To guide ourselves and others to authentically surrender and accept their Spiritual Calling in their relationships and courageously to be of service to mankind.”

P2SW proposes 12 basic Pillars to the work. Here are the first three:
Our connection to Spirit lies within the embedded human polarity that dominates our consciousness. It is through Spirit that we are connected with the universe and one another. Being in that Spirit moment and experiencing oneself is called “presence.” Presence is the ultimate victory of a Spirit-Warrior to be fully present to Spirit and committed to deliver one’s mission through connecting with another’s Spirit. Presence requires one to process how we regress to our “pain-body” experience. This takes courage to go inward and examine what takes us away from Spirit and out of Presence. Much like taking a Mission statement, we take on a pledge which is a mantra – “I am no longer______, In Spirit I am_____.”
What takes us out of Presence/Spirit? As a new being in the form of a young child, all the child really knows is their state of grace and their inevitable collision with the realities of the human experience. Most of what children know is that they are connected to being loved and giving love. Once that bond is broken, there is a pain-in-the-body experience. For most us as a child, the emotional pain comes very early and our unconscious carries this pain-body throughout life. For others, it inevitably happens before the age of 7 years when the mental recognition of one’s life takes over. The rest of one’s life, there is a memory of the Pain-Body. Knowing how to recognize it and turn it over to Spirit is the Way of the Spirit Warrior.

In recognizing this “fall from grace,” the child recognizes in the moment a decision needs to be made in response to the Pain-Body experience, how to avoid pain and seek relief. Once success is experienced in getting past or around the Pain-Body experience, one develops new behavior and a new belief system that becomes one’s “winning formula.”
Because it is connected to the relief of the Pain-Body experience, whenever a similar pain is experienced, the original decision again becomes prominent and classically conditioned as relief is achieved.

While this formula immediately works, it will ultimately not be successful with new experiences. For example, the decision of being defensive when unfairly accused works to protect one from the Pain-Body experience. Soon new relationships will require a new response. The old strategy that plays out in present time is now a Burden. We carry these Burdens every day as we try to transact business in the present moment with the decision to escape the Pain-Body. (Like the term “shadow,” which is about what we “hide, repress and deny”), a Burden also has an emotional component but the emphasis is on the decision one made to deal with the pain-body experience. This on-going recognition of decisions that relate to a Burden allows one to gain new insight through the opportunity to be in a Presence state and find new decisions. Here we look for “triggers” which are set off by being On-Burden.

David Lindgren
Path to Spirit-Warrior

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